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Introducing Ozarms.com.au
Published 1st May 2018

Oz Arms is the firearms and collectables marketplace offering an industry based approach to the sporting and professional shooting enthusiast.

We are not a huge company, just a small firearms enthusiast (like you) from Brisbane Australia.

In designing the site we have endeavored to offer a user friendly interface coupled with industry leading auction capabilities which enable users to either sell their firearm, collectables or memorabilia by fixed price or by setting a reserve price at auction and see what other interested parties are willing to pay.

Oz Arms is the newest online marketplace and a dedicated platform designed for users to advertise their firearms, collectables and related items for sale.

Our unique feature to other firearms related marketplaces is the ability to sell at auction. Selling your products via auction allows buyers to determine the end price the item sells for. As a seller you have the option to set a reserve so as to not sell your item below value.

The marketplace is open to all parties at reasonable rates. General listing begin at $20.00 which includes photographs, YouTube video, URL etc. Retail listings also begin at $20.00 per listing although there are bulk discount blocks available and retails store fronts will be available soon.

As this is our grand opening, currently all listings are free for a limited time, during this period you can list as many products as you wish at no cost.

Any and all inquiries can be made to info@ozarms.com.au